Airport Handling LLC – leading and dynamically growing provider of aircraft ground handling currently serving an average of 1,500,000 passengers each year at Odessa International airport. The following services are available for choice to our customers:

  • Administration & Supervision
  • Passenger service
  • Ramp Handling & OPS control
  • Sales & Reservation.Online-Reservation
  • Business Lounges
  • VIP and Executive Aviation services
  • Cargo

Airport Handling LLC, aiming to offer service to aircrafts of domestic and foreign airlines, provides all operations within the scope of ground services in accordance with international quality standards by its own certified personnel and modern GSE fleet. 

Airport Handling LLC successfully completed the audit procedure for compliance with ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations) standards in Odessa airport.
IATA decision on awarding of the registration certificate was made at the conclusion of a comprehensive audit, which is conducted by a team of licensed specialists IATA.
The headquarters audit focused on the Organization & Management System and making sure that the ground handling functions are performed in conformity with latest industry operational practices.
The audit was conducted in the following areas of the company’s activities:
• Organization and Management System;
• Load Control;
• Passenger and Baggage Handling;
• Aircraft Handling and Loading;
• Aircraft Ground Movement.
ISAGO registration certificate making sure that the Airport Handling LLC functions are performed in conformity with latest industry operational practices, using the cutting-edge standards in safety management and quality control in ground handling, which makes possible to enhance international cooperation with leading airlines and promotion provided in the area of ground handling services.
A reliable ground services provider is one of the most important elements to flight safety, since a safe flight begins on the ground!